What is the price of a Pimics solution?

Our offer stands out among PIM solutions, because Pimics works directly as an extension of Business Central or NAV ERPs. And the price for our solution depends on your usage scenario. That is why we need to discuss a few details before being able to give you a tailored price quote.

Never forget that the ROI matters more than the price! Please have a look at our blog article on Pimics ROI.
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You may be asking yourself

  • How much will it cost me to have the complete Pimics solution, that allows me to import data from my suppliers and take full control of product information on all my sales and marketing channels?
  • Can the solution (and cost) be tailored to my needs?
  • Is there an implementation cost?
  • How much time does implementation take?
  • Can I start small and pay more as I grow?
  • What is the process to get started with Pimics and what does it require from me? Do I get training?

Whatever your questions, get in touch with us!

Why Pimics?

Pimics works as an extension for NAV/Business Central, so it can be used by simply accessing the ERP. Among advantages are: solid data integration within the same database, instant data availability, complete product data visibility within the ERP, no functionality overlap between PIM and ERP, no need for a separate backup, user familiarity with the software interface, cost effectiveness. 

Data Inputs:


Number of named users who will manage data in Pimics
Stáhněte si zdarma white paper, který popisuje, jak Vám PIM řešení může pomoci.
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