New Class

Description: You can define the class for each level of the catalog hierarchy (Items, Item Groups, Product Groups, and Chapters). Each class can have defined Feature and Keywords. When you apply the class for the Item or Item group then the Item/Item group will inherit the Feature and Keywords from the class. This use case describes how to create new class.

Actor: Content Manager


Main steps:

  1. Open list of Classes (Classification/Classes)
  2. Click New
  3. Press enter or type in the unique Code
  4. Class ID is filled automatically according to Code
  5. Type in the Description and Class Definition
  6. Select the Group System Number to restrict the Features and Keywords Lists
  7. You can optionally select the Checklist number (see more Certify Item)
  8. System Status shows the state of completeness based on the data quality check. See more system status.
  9. Open the Features on the Ribbon to define the Feature Class List
    1. Click on New to create a new line
    2. Select Line Type - Feature/Feature Group
    3. Select Number – choose one of the existing Feature or create a new one
    4. Set Required to “yes” if this Feature/Feature/Title is required/mandatory in this class
  10. Open the Keywords on the ribbon to define the Keywords Class List
    1. Click on New to create a new line
    2. Select Keyword ID from existing keywords or create a new keyword

Class allocation

Description: When you apply the class to the entity (e.g. Item Group), then the Item Group inherits the Features and Keywords from the class. Each entity can have more classes. This use case describes how to apply class for an entity.

Actor: Content Manager


  • At least one class with features and keywords exists (see more New Class)

Main Steps:

  1. Open the list of entity (Product Information/ Item or Item group or Product Group or Chapter or Catalogue Group)
  2. Open the Card of entity for which you want to apply class
  3. Switch to NAVIGATE ribbon tab on the ribbon a click on Class button
  4. Click on New to create a new line
  5. Select the Class Code from the list

You can open the Features or Keywords to see that both have been inherited from the class (you can also find Features and Keywords in Fact box panel) 

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