Document card

Document Card 

Description: To the Document Card you can add document details and define translations, descriptions, Features and Keyword. This use case describes document Card. 

Actor: Content Manager 


Main Steps: 

  1. Go to Documents(Digital Assets/Documents) 
  2. Open the Document card 
  3. Document ID, Document type, Source Document, Description, Filename and Specification Is filled automatically, but last three are editable 
  4. Option fields
    1. Description 2– you can add detailed description 
    2. Document Group– you can select a group to which the document belongs 
    3. Document Usage– select the character of the document 
  5. Go to Translationsfast tab - set the translations for the Description/Description 2 
    1. Click to the line with the abbreviation of the language in which you want to translate the description
    2. Fill in the Description 
  6. Go to Details fast tab – fill in the detailed information about document
    1. Specification – is filled automatically based on file name
    2. Document Area - select how will be document used
    3. Status – select the status of the document
    4. No. of Places Used – number of places where is document used
  7. Extensions fast tab 
    1. Document class – select class for categorize the document
    2. File Name – is filled automatically
    3. Source Document – source path of existing document
    4. Parent Document – you can select superior document
    5. Distributor – you can specify from whom the document originates
  8. Log fast tab 
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