Extended text

Extended text

Description: Extended Texts are used to describe the same entities. The text is ready forwards and then assigned to that entity in the descriptions. This use case describes how to create Extended Texts

Actor: Content Manager


Main Steps:

  1. Open the Extended Text (Product Information/Extended text)
  2. Click on New
  3. Press Enter to generate new Code from the default Number Series or type in manually.
  4. Fill in the Description
  5. Select the Description Class to which the text belongs
  6. On ribbon tab HOME click on Edit Text button to open the editor.
  7. Fill in the text
  8. Click OK to save and close the editor.
  9. Translate fast tab
    1. Click on the new line
    2. Select the Language Code
    3. Fill in the Item Description/Item Description 2 for the specific Language Code
AppSource (https://pimics.com/en/l/AppSource)
BCPriceListPerpetual (https://pimics.com/en/l/BCPriceListPerpetual)
BCPriceListSubscription (https://pimics.com/en/l/BCPriceListSubscription)
BMECatImportSample (https://pimics.com/en/l/BMECatImportSample)
NavPriceListPerpetual (https://pimics.com/en/l/NavPriceListPerpetual)
NavPriceListSubscription (https://pimics.com/en/l/NavPriceListSubscription)
PimicsForSana (https://pimics.com/en/l/PimicsForSana)
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WhitepaperCZ (https://pimics.com/en/l/WhitepaperCZ)
WhitepaperDE (https://pimics.com/en/l/WhitepaperDE)
WhitepaperEN (https://pimics.com/en/l/WhitepaperEN)
YoutubeCZ (https://pimics.com/en/l/YoutubeCZ)


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