Feature value

New Feature Value

Description: Feature values represent usable values for a specific feature. For example, for feature color are values red, green, black. This use case describes how to create the feature value.

Actor: Content Manager


Main Steps

  1. Go to the Values (Classification/Values)
  2. Click on New to open a new form.
  3. General fast tab
    1. Press Enter to generate a new Value ID from the default Number Series or type in unique Value ID
    2. Specify the field Description
    3. Fill in the field Abbreviation
    4. The field Group System Number has to be same as on Feature is.
    5. System status shows the state of completeness based on the data quality check. See more system status.
  4. Translations fast tab - set up the translations for the Value (see more UC602 Translate Item description)
  5. Allocations fast tab – set up Source Specification Definition and if you want to use the translations, you have to mark field Translations.
  6. Log fast tab - contains information about the Value card
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