New Item

Description: Item is the lowest level of the catalog structure. This use case describes how to create a new Item.

Actor: Content Manager


Main Steps:

  1. Go to the Items (Product Information/Items)
  2. Click on New
  3. Select a template for a new item
  4. Item fast tab
    1. No Is filled automatically from the existing Series No.
    2. Description - type in the description
    3. Blocked – mark this checkbox if the created item should be blocked
    4. Base Unit of Measure – select from the existing Units of Measure or create a new one
  5. Pimics – General fast tab
    1. System status shows the state of completeness based on the data quality check. See more system status.
    2. Standard Item group – select the Item group you want to add this item to and from which will inherit, or create new one
    3. Picture Document ID – select main picture from list or create new one
    4. Checklist No. – select the Checklist (see more Checklist)
  6. Pimics - Control fast tab
    1. Inherits – select what the Item should inherit from the Standard Item Group
    2. Catalog Item – mark this checkbox if the created item should be Catalog Item
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