Create document

Create Document / Picture / Media / Graphics

Description: Before you add a digital asset to the entities, you must create them, so upload to the system. This use case describes how to create new Document.

Actor: Content Manager


  • Documents Directory and Temporary Directory in Document Setup has been set up
  • Document type for documents should exist (see more Document Type)

Main Steps:

  1. Open the Document/Picture/Media/Graphic list (Digital Asset)
  2. Click on New and on Create Document on the ribbon
  3. Select the Document type
  4. In the Source File field, choose a file you want to upload
  5. Document Class and Description will be filled automatically, but you can rename the file
  6. Go to Detail fast tab – you can fill more information about the document
  7. Click on Create Document button on the ribbon tab - by clicking on this button, the source file will be copied to a location specified in the setup