Rich text


Description: Pimics 365 enables you to create rich text of Entities and attached it to the Card of the entity. Specific description and extended text, which can be same for items. This use case describes how to create and add a rich description to the Entity.

Actor: Content Manager


Main Steps:

  1. Go to list of Entity for which you want to add a Description (Product Information/Item or Item Group or Product Group or Chapter or Catalog Group)
  2. Open the Entity Card
  3. Switch to NAVIGATE ribbon tab and click on Description button (in the Master Data section)
  4. Click on New or click to new line
  5. Select Description class, purpose of use the description
  6. Select Extended Text Code, if you want to add prepared text or go to ribbon tab HOME click on Edit Text button to open the editor and type the specific text.
  7. Description Title is filled automatically by Description Class.
  8. Source Type and Source Code inform you about the source of the description.