Shopware B2B-portal

Together with our partners Antavent and Heptacom we introduce B2B enterprise portal for Shopware.
Download brochure

Download brochure

The brochure contains a description of modules and functionality, mainly in the scope of:B2B portal as a service node
  • Client Management
  • Resources Management
  • API and customization possibilities
The borchure is dual-language (English and German).

B2B enterprise portal

The future of B2B e-commerce is not a pure sales platform. In times of increasing competition, the focus is shifting to communication and service with and for the customer.
Heptacom B2B portal is the central service hub. With the help of the intelligent linking of PIM (Pimics), ERP (Business Central) and CRM, all crucial information is available in the B2B portal. Through SSO via OpenId, OAuth2 and SAML, additional products can be seamlessly integrated and thanks to the Shopware B2B Suite, all important enterprise store functions are available. In the standard, we rely on open source, ticket and e-learning systems (LMS).

The solution is preapred together with our partners Antavent and Heptacom. You can download a brochure below.

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