Product Roadmap, Releases and Supported Versions

Detailed information about releases of Pimics and what Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central (on-premise) version we support. In general, we follow the Modern Lifecycle Policy and release cycle of Microsoft, so every year two main releases of Pimics for all Business Centrals Versions in the current lifecycle.
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Martin Opršal
Martin Opršal
autor článku
Je produktovým manažerem řešení Pimics, který řeší oblast Product Information Management.

Release Cycle

Major Versions, Microsoft's Wave 1 and 2

With Pimics we follow the base release cycles of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. It means we will release 2 major versions per year. The release date of these major versions is approximately 1 month after the release of Business Central. Typically Microsoft releases Wave 1 at beginning of April and Wave 2 at the beginning of October. Pimics will be released at the beginning of May and November.

The reason why we have this 1-month delay is that companies are not upgrading their environments immediately. It gives us time to work longer with the previous version and also better implement the new functionality.

Minor Versions

Nearly two times per month we release a new version with hotfixes. This version doesn't include any new features or functionality, it includes only fixes for bugs.

Between Major Version, we also release 2 or 3 versions. From Pimics 7.0 the new features will be disabled by default and can be enabled by us or the admins. In the next version, we enable all features that were prepared as a preview. It means you can see new features in Pimics, decide to enable them or wait for the next version. Typically these previous features are prepared for a pilot customer(s) with whom we work closely to define the functionality.

Business Central Version +1

Typically with the last minor version of Pimics (currently version 6.2), we support the current version of Business Central (version 20.0) but also the next release of Business Central (version 21.0). So you can upgrade your Business Central even when we haven't released our major version.

How to identify the version in Pimics

For example, the current version is

  • 6 is the major versions
  • 2 is the minor version
  • 1 is the hotfix version
  • 4652 is the build number

When you use more extensions from us. The major version needs to fit each other.

Supported Versions

Supported Version is a similar story as with releases. We follow the Microsoft approach, it is 18 months usually. With the following details.

We release the major versions to all supported versions of Business Central. The release date is a few months after the release of the major version of the current Business Central. It depends on how many changes we need to do in the downgrade process.

When a version is out of support from Microsoft's point of view, we release one more major version for it and after that, we don't release any future improvements for ou of the support Business Centrals.

Current list of support versions 

Dynamics 365 Business
Central (on-premises)Version
Release Date Mainstream support ends Latest Pimics Version
version 14.x (April '19 Update) April, 2019 October, 2023 7.0 *
version 18.x (April '21 Update) April, 2021 October, 2022 7.0
version 19.x (October '21 Update) October, 2021 April, 2023 8.0
version 20.x (April '22 Update) April, 2022 October, 2023 9.0

*) Unfortunately, this is the only exception from our side. Microsoft is postponing the support for version 14.x and doesn't follow their methodology. We need to stop releasing the new major version of Pimics to BC 14 together with version 18. But we will support this version until the end of the mainstream support period.

Martin Opršal
Martin Opršal
autor článku
Je produktovým manažerem řešení Pimics, který řeší oblast Product Information Management.

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