Marketing Manager

All sales and marketing channels, at your fingertips

Quick time-to-market

Is your preparation of PDF brochures measured in weeks and preparation of printed catalogues measured in months? Do shorter product lifecycles represent a problem? Do your competitors arrive first to the market with the same products? Are last-minute changes to product features, photos or prices handled on an ad-hoc basis when a marketing campaign deadline is approaching? Do you have a hard time coping with more sales channels and more geographies/languages in a timely manner? 

Pimics won't solve all these challenges by itself, but for sure it will be a huge help. Maintaining all product data in the same place in an efficient and consistent manner means that all the product information you need for any marketing campaign will always be there ready to be used at any time. And updating that online catalog or PDF brochure, or your e-commerce, will always happen automatically, or at the push of a button. 

Mkt. Manager - Quick time-to-market

Sell and advertise across many online platforms

First and foremost, a PIM system offers you the huge advantage of having a Single Point of Truth. That means one single place with up-to-date product information that you can use for spreading out that information to wherever you need, safe in the knowledge that: 

a) your product images, descriptions and features will be consistent on all the platforms where you need them to be 

b) all marketing messages that are specific to a country or marketing channel will be delivered with every bit of needed accuracy 

Together with data syndication platforms like Channable or Productsup, Pimics will be your power tool to selling and advertising your products to any online platform, with the lowest possible effort. 

Mkt. Manager - Sell and advertise across many online platforms

Easily manage multiple languages

For companies, natural evolution is often synonymous with expansion. And often in our globalized marketplace, that means going to new markets in new geographies. That comes with its associated requirements: product data handling in multiple languages as well as dealing with minute customizations for each individual market. Using PIM, you will be able to add as many languages as needed to your product catalogue, and make the individual marketing message get right to its target without necessarily increasing your people count.

Mkt. Manager - Easily manage multiple languages
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