PIM for distribution & wholesalers

For the wholesale and distribution sector, PIM typically has a double impact, because this type of companies need:
  • an informative and up-to-date B2B online platform to make ordering easy for distributors and retailers
  • a convenient way to grant distributors and retailers access to quality product data (including pictures and documents) for their own use towards the end customer

Centralize your product information

You have product data coming from several sources and they need to be published to different channels. Pimics helps you build up a single point of truth and keep it updated. This central hub needs to effectively support your team and procceses. Take back control of your product data and improve your customer experience.

Solution - Centralize your product information

Extended product range

Retailers and distributors are usually dealing with large volumes of product information. They handle tens of thousands, sometimes hundreds of thousands of SKUs, each with hundreds of attributes including digital assets like images, data sheets or media. Taking on a new supplier can mean having to add a few thousand items to your product range on-the-fly. That is why a PIM solution for retail, wholesale, and distribution companies must be scalable and responsive.
B2B - Extended product range

Time to market

Your product data or incoming prices can be changed from day to day by your suppliers. You need to apply these changes as soon as possible. Pimics provides to you automatic functionality to handle these requirements and keeps incoming vendor catalogs updated, with one target in mind: a company that can offer a product first can also sell the product first.
B2B - Time-to-market

Enrich and adapt product data

You can get different grades of quality for your product data, or no product data at all from your suppliers. The first task is to handle, qualify, and merge these incoming data, and after that you can enrich or adapt marketing data for your needs. The target is simple: put these several incoming formats into one place with consistent data, enrich those data if needed, and then distribute them to your channels.
B2B - Enrich and adapt product data

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