IT Manager

All data under control, in one place

PIM and ERP together in one powerful package

You won’t need to worry about PIM-to-ERP integration, simply because your PIM works from within your ERP. This is a huge advantage from several points of view:  

  • there is no integration cost for the company, or ongoing costs for that purpose  
  • there are no reliability issues from having two separate systems that communicate between them  
  • there are no delays in data availability for users  
  • any PIM customization, if necessary, will be much easier and quicker to implement, even by in-house developers  
  • product data are all in one place, secured together with your ERP data: same server, same user access policies, same backup procedure.  
  • you rest assured that your company is using a Microsoft-certified PIM solution, with the same Dynamics 365 Business Central interface that is familiar to users
IT Manager - PIM and ERP together in one powerful package

Less infrastructure to care about

Together with managing more complex product data usually comes the need for an increasingly complex IT infrastructure. Using a PIM solution means having a Single Point Of Truth. You won’t need to worry about scattered product data sources, that various users will need in order to get their daily jobs done.
Plus, you have the huge benefit of a standard solution that your users can configure according to their needs, without needing IT support.

IT Manager - Less infrastructure to care about

Simpler data exchange

Pimics Vendor Catalog allows users to easily import product data coming from various vendors, in various file formats, and map it to PIM items without needing help from the IT department. Exporting data to send to partners is equally easy.

IT Manager - Simpler data exchange
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