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In managing outward-bound product information, Pimics uses publications. Each sales channel, each printed catalog, sales brochure or customer price list gets its own publication, which can be managed individually together with its own specific attributes depending on the necessary refresh rate of the channel, desired products included, data exchange, etc.
Channels - Omnichannel

Sales Channels

A sales channel is any path taken by a business in order to reach its end customers for selling to them a product or service, either directly or indirectly. Examples of sales channels include e-commerce (seller’s own webshop), traditional or modern marketplaces (Amazon, eBay, social media), retail, wholesale or mobile apps. A good PIM will allow you to efortlessly stay on top of an ever-expanding list of sales channels, while being able to always provide up-to-date, accurate and consistent product information to your customers.
Channels - Sales Channels

Bespoke Rules

For different channels, you will need to have different data, or slightly different data, or data formatted differently. Take the example of a printed brochure and an e-shop: data for the same product will be more or less the same for the two channels, but the images need to have different pixel dimensions, item descriptions need to be different, and item attributes need to be formatted differently. Pimics offers all the necessary functionality for defining rules to pick up product data that matches the channel’s particular needs, and uniquely format it in a set-and-forget manner.
Channels - Bespoke Rules

Data Quality

One of the main reasons in adopting a PIM solution, is to be able to trust your product data. Then you can confidently publish them to all your sales channels, safe in the knowledge that you will have consistent information in all places, and the only differences from sales channel to sales channel will be there because you want them to be. Data Quality functionality in Pimics (through a process that we call certification) will help you identify products with incomplete descriptions, or products for which the information available does not match the intended channel. Users are informed about each instance where corrections are needed or advisable.
Channels - Data Quality

Channels Synchronization

In our projects, we solved synchronization with lots of different channels. We have our own, out-of-the-box integrations to popular platforms like Shopify, Sana Commerce or Shopware. We use 3rd party solutions and syndication platforms like Channable. Or, we can do custom integrations using API. Pimics gives you a lot of flexibility to communicate with your outside world so that you can easily and reliably set up your e-shop, publish your brochures, or export data to your partners.
Channels - Synchronization
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