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Download PIMICS into your Business Central solution

Work with data in an environment
you´re used to

The PIMICS module works as an extension to your ERP platform, giving you advanced features in working with your product data. All in one place without the need to integrate or work with a third-party system.

Why choose PIMICS?​

Download it in AppSource, an easy-to-use application market for Microsoft platforms
Známé prostředí
Familiar environment for the users, as PIMICS integrates seamlessly into Business Central
Data Integration
Product and ERP data all in one place: same server, same user access, same backup procedure
Cost Effectiveness
No integration costs, instant product data update, no data exchange reliability issues

What you can
manage with Pimics
in Business Central

With PIMICS, you can manage all your product data in one place, and prepare them for exporting to all your sales channels. You can also import product data from your vendors, in various formats. All additional modules or connectors are also available through AppSource.

What does it mean
to be listed in AppSource?

Any application being listed in AppSource is thoroughly verified by Microsoft for seamless compatibility with the particular platform it is listed for. That means we need to make sure that PIMICS complies with each new version of Dynamics 365 Business Central, and Microsoft certification is needed for each iteration of our software. This carries with it a solid guarantee for the reliability of our PIMICS solution, for which AppSource will always hold the latest version.
PIMICS BC - AppSource

Tailored for the SMB

Through our unique PIM-in-ERP concept, PIMICS perfectly fulfils the needs of small and medium businesses that use Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central as their ERP. These companies likely have product managers already using Business Central for handling item data and vendor orders. Being able to manage all product infomation (including pictures, videos or data sheets) under the same software interface will be a huge productivity booster.
PIMICS BC - Tailored for SMB

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