PIM for Manufacturers

Manufacturers are also 'fabricating' their own product data, and they need a centralised 'golden copy' of it for any external or internal needs. Increasingly, these companies are discovering new sales channels like for example selling directly to end customers through their own webshops. Be it for B2B or B2C purposes, manufacturers find that PIM is a vital part or their digital stack.

Centralize your product information

You have product data coming from several sources and they need to be published to different channels. Pimics helps you build up a single point of truth and keep it updated. This central hub needs to effectively support your team and procceses. Take back control of your product data and improve your customer experience.

Solution - Centralize your product information

Manage your product data

You need to take full control of your product data because you have the best knowledge about them. PIM helps you to be effective in maintaining data in one place and distributing them. Furthermore, you can create a better customer experience by supplying the right product data at the right time.
Manuf. - Master your product data

Unlock new markets and channels

There is always space to find a new channel or market for your products. PIM will help you do this easier, because you already have processes in place for your current channels and you believe in your data. So you can easily extend to new sales and marketing channels while keeping multiple languages or specific requirements under control.
Manuf. - Unlock new channels and markets

Keep your supply chain updated

Your products are somehow unique on the market. No matter if you have simple products or products with lots of technical attributes, you will need to present them consistently throughout your supply chain. The key to success is to highlight your advantages and keep your product data updated throughout their route to  the end customer.
Manuf. - Keep supply chain updated

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