General Manager

Space to grow your product range and access new markets in confidence

Money savings and improved synergies with your Dynamics ERP

If your company already uses Dynamics NAV or Business Central, Pimics will be the cleverest addition because it empowers your existing ERP to have full PIM functionality. It offers a user interface your employees are already familiar with, and consistent cost savings stemming from the best PIM-ERP integration you could ever wish for. 

Gen. Manager - Money savings and improved synergies with your Dynamics ERP

Better workforce efficiency

Using Pimics, your people will spend much less time preparing product data for your sales and marketing channels, with much better results. Using the same product data and custom-built publications, you will be able to reach large audiences at once across numerous sales and marketing channels including your own webstore or those that are all the hype, like Amazon, eBay, Facebook or Pinterest.

Gen. Manager - Better workforce efficiency

Improved E-Shop sales and faster time-to-market

After integrating your e-shop with your company systems with no PIM, you’ll likely find that the standard ERP is not so good at managing your company’s product data, and much of this data simply cannot fit into an ERP. Moving product data to Excel won’t help much. Especially if you have more than a thousand items in your product offering, you will need a PIM to accurately manage all that data and make it available in time where you need it: in front of your customer.  

Gen. Manager - Improved E-Shop sales and faster time-to-market
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