Digital Asset Management

Pimics gives you all the tools you need for managing your product data inside your Microsoft Dynamics ERP, be it NAV or Business Central. This includes digital asset management (DAM) as a crucial component for enriching your product data. Yes, digital assets like product pictures, videos, or data sheets can now be managed directly from inside your ERP thanks to Pimics.

File Management, Image Library, Multimedia Support

File-based information is paramount in managing product information. Files make up what we call Digital Assets, and Pimics can handle all necessary file-based information related to products, no matter if they are images, PDF data sheets, videos or technical drawings. Referencing videos by their link to other platforms like YouTube or Vimeo, is supported too.
DAM - File Management

Sharepoint Integration

Sharepoint is our preferred file-management platform, but not the only one Pimics can work with. Our customers can choose other repositories for their files too. 

Pimics works best with Sharepoint, because this platform provides ample document-handling functionality and seamless integration in the Microsoft ecosystem. There are a few Sharepoint features that are extensively used by our PIM solution: document versioning and collaboration, enhanced security with secure external access, centralized administration, site consolidation. 

Pimics only keeps thumbnails of files inside the Business Central database, for easy previewing by the users who work with product data. Files are stored securely in the external repository (Sharepoint or other). 

DAM - Sharepoint

Metadata Management

You can manage file metadata directly into Pimics. You can classify files according to their destination channel or use case. Metadata can be manually edited or handled using artificial intelligence.
DAM - Metadata Management

File Conversions

With Pimics you get a powerful combination of PIM and DAM. One important functionality is automatically adapting picture format and pixel dimensions according to the requirements of different publishing channels.
DAM - Conversions

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