Navigating the E-commerce Galaxy with PIMICS and Shopify

PIMICS and Shopify are a match made in heaven. Or space. Discover all about the strategic partnership of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and Shopify. How does PIMICS fit into the equation?
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Navigating the E-commerce Galaxy with PIMICS and Shopify
posted 23.04.2024
Anna Skřípková
Anna Skřípková
Article Author
Anna is responsible for marketing

When Your ERP is from Venus and Your E-commerce from Mars

In the grand cosmic dance of digital retail, choosing the right e-commerce solution might feel a bit like matchmaking in the Milky Way. Luckily, the choice doesn’t have to be that difficult for companies with a product catalog as diverse as the stars, already navigating the universe with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central as their trusty spaceship.

A Match Made in Heaven: Shopify and Business Central

Recent news has it that Microsoft and Shopify have joined forces, positioning Shopify as the North Star for Business Central users stepping into the e-commerce void. It makes sense: Shopify's meteoric rise in the e-commerce space isn’t just about their gravitational pull. Their adaptability to orbit around a business’s needs with customisable packages is well-known and well-appreciated.

The Base of Any Successful Relationship: Good Communication

The needs of an ERP and an e-commerce solution are often different, sometimes bordering on contrary. Even with Shopify as the most suitable e-commerce solution, there will be challenges to overcome during the integration process. As a result, you may feel like teaching two aliens to communicate effectively with each other.
Take an ordinary sofa as an example. In the ERP world, a left-hand and a right-hand facing sofa are as distinct as two planets. Material differences are also another galaxy. But on your e-commerce site, customers expect to create their own sofa universe – they prefer to pick the colour, material, corner orientation, etc. Multiple products in your ERP system look like variants of one product on your e-commerce site. For the sake of a smooth customer experience.
Like in any other relationship, communication is key. How do you ensure your ERP and your e-commerce platform aren’t just in the same galaxy but on the same planet?

A Shopify Product Card directly in the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central interface

PIMICS: Your Intergalactic Translator

In the universe of Shopify and Business Central, PIMICS works as a universal translator gadget. Our PIM (Product Information Management) software builds a bridge of understanding between your ERP and e-commerce solution. With PIMICS, integrating Shopify (thanks to Microsoft’s strategic partnership) is a breeze, transforming what could be a space odyssey of weeks (or even months) into a short spacewalk of only a few days.
"Because of the Microsoft + Shopify strategic partnership, we navigate the Shopify integration with ease, loaded with profound experience, expertise, and best practices. Our goal is to make sure your ERP and e-commerce solution aren’t just talking, but actually understanding each other. Making PIMICS the best wingman your business could get.” 
-    Martin Opršal, PIMICS Product Owner
OUR TIP: Here’s another article of ours with more technical details about how PIMICS works with Shopify.

E-commerce Integration Is No Rocket Science

With the right tools, integrating your ERP with Shopify isn't rocket science – it’s a carefully planned mission with PIMICS at mission control. Without PIMICS, you might find yourself navigating a black hole of integration challenges that could take light-years to traverse. With us, it’s a matter of days before your business is launching new products into the e-commerce stratosphere.
FOOD FOR THOUGHT: Thinking about getting an e-commerce solution but haven’t yet implemented a PIM solution? Stop and assess whether getting a PIM solution should be the necessary first step, before you step out into the vast space of e-commerce. We elaborated on this topic in our previous article: The E-Commerce vs PIM Dilemma: Why Data Comes First.
So, whether you're selling sofas or space crafts, remember this: the journey to e-commerce integration is a voyage. And with PIMICS as your co-pilot, it's sure to be a smooth ride. Buckle up, space captains!
Anna Skřípková
Anna Skřípková
Article Author
Anna is responsible for marketing
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