B2B Customer in Omni-Channel World

A term Omni-channel is no more only a fashion word. This also bears out the opinion of 75 % B2B customers out. They would purchase from the same company, if it was able to offer them an outstanding Omni-channel experience.B2B customers know exactly what advantages and functions of Omni-channel B2C customers have and they expect from B2B shopping no less than that.
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posted 28.07.2017
Monika Mléčková
Article Author

Experience is in the first place

The customer is in the spotlight of Omni-channel world. Companies used to rely on loyalty in terms of brand name. The development of information technologies changed costumer‘s behavior. They learned to search for products and information about them on their smartphones, tablets or PCs. They buy in e-shops, communicate on social networks and they got used to get what they want at any time of the day or night. Isn’t it then the high time for companies to change their mind and start to think about loyalty in terms of experience?

When companies want to reach the required effect from purchases of their customers, the Omni-channel solution has to be devised in a way that presentation will be provided not only across different channels but it should be easily accessible on different devices too. Customer always has to  get an accurate and equal information – whether products are being searched on smartphones, iPods, PC, printed media or printed and electronic catalogue.

However, there has been a significant digital transformation in the past decade. That’s why the number of channels for customer-brand interaction has increased drastically. On the one hand, it brought many opportunities and possibilities to get in touch with the customers. On the other hand, the costs had to increase in a direct proportion to that, if the companies wanted to get some competitive advantage.

Personal approach is counted

It would be just nice, if you get an e-mail with some company‘s offer of the products you have been searching for a moment ago, wouldn’t it? A prerequisite for the personal approach is a repeated recognition of the customer and the possibility to communicate with him directly. It is highly recommended to use the data and knowledge of customers, because they can change channels without starting all over again then. Customers will realize that someone cares about them – and they will buy. That’s why companies should concentrate on how to make interaction between them and customers as effortless as possible.

Non-stop availability

It is important for customers to have information available 24/7. They want companies to fulfill their desires as fast as possible and to communicate with them. It is not difficult at all to be available around the clock these days, because there are many automated reply systems on the market. Therefore, the most important thing a brand can do is to value the customer’s time.

Companies should try to understand their customers, communicate with them regularly und require a feedback. It is also very important for companies to use these data about customers smartly and apply them by providing the Omni-channel experience. Thanks to that companies can get the so much required customer‘s loyalty and leave their competitors in the dust.


Monika Mléčková
Article Author

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