How Data Quality Impacts Behaviour of Customers?

The start of a new year means some new strategies and challenges for many companies. Maybe now you are thinking about how you can improve your business more too. Then we have an interesting tip for you. We have focused on the importance of product data which is unfortunately commonly underestimated. Are you doing the same mistake? Don’t take the product data lightly. We will convince you why you should pay attention to them.


The importance of e-procurement is growing and thus also the need to replace all kinds of paperwork preferably by automatic electronic processes. That is the reason why we decided to dedicate the newest article to internationally respected standard of BMECat.

Digital Transformation and PIM

The term digital transformation is a hot topic nowadays that everybody talks about. It is a word that means a global process transformation in society and primarily in companies. Regardless if we want it or not it has already taken place. The question is who will manage to adapt faster and thus will get a competitive advantage.


You can make sorting of your products data easier with classifications. They allow you to categorize and describe your products and services in a uniform way so your partners will be able to understand and orientate in the data well. Let’s introduce the standard classifications like eCl@ss, ETIM or UNSPSC.

B2B Customer in Omni-Channel World

A term Omni-channel is no more only a fashion word. This also bears out the opinion of 75 % B2B customers out. They would purchase from the same company, if it was able to offer them an outstanding Omni-channel experience.B2B customers know exactly what advantages and functions of Omni-channel B2C customers have and they expect from B2B shopping no less than that.