A new release is here. We want to follow a trend set by Microsoft, who wants the Microsoft Dynamics NAV Web Client to be a full substitution for RTC. That’s why we concentrated on the Web Client experience. And we also did some improvements in Classification.

Web Client extensions

We are happy to say we have moved a step closer to the full support of Web Client again. We have modified our add-ins, such as long texts editor, to run well in the Web Client and also on mobile clients of NAV. So you can easily edit any description or product properties using the Web Client now. Of course you can also use data export through Web Client if you are out of office.


There is still one step remaining to have a full support of Web Client. We need to improve handling of imported files. Currently, it is not possible to upload pictures or documents using the Web Client, nor is it possible to upload e.g. BME cat in integration module. We believe to overcome these obstacles soon to be able to offer you the Web Client as a full substitution for RTC client.

Find a Product

We have extended search possibilities with searching a product or a product group by its features, keywords or a class. It is now possible to set a filter on item list (or groups or documents – anywhere, where it is possible to assign a feature, keyword or a class to your master data). You can define features (including a range of values if needed), keywords or even a class the product belongs to in the filter. It is easy to find e.g. a mobile phone with Android and a particular processor frequency, when you have your data completely defined, as shown in the picture.


Is it really all?

No, it’s not. We are also bringing a few small improvements to make your everyday work more comfortable.

We have improved the design of forms in classification to better correspond with current trends and NAV 2017 requirements.

We introduced the Publish button in the previous version and now we have created a first connector. The original export to BMEcat has been rewritten into this new functionality. This makes it possible e.g. to use BMEcat for on-line synchronization with your eShop (BMEcat will be sent directly to a web service of your e-commerce solution). The structure can be saved to a file of course.

The last detail will please especially those, who use some classification (be it ETIM, eCl@ss or some other). We added validation of feature value based on the feature type. Thus you can only enter a number if a feature is of a number type. And it works similarly for other feature types as range or logic. 


Written 3/16/2017 9:23:41 AM