The summer update of Pimics is here with new exciting enhancements! It brings higher comfort in defining information about documents, pictures, and media managed in Pimics. Another enhancement enables disabling data for publishing temporarily.

Archive it!

Do you want to remove an item from an e-shop or catalog temporarily? Or exclude retired goods from publication? It has never been easier! Just set the status of the data to “archived”.   Archived data will be not used in your publication. The “archived” status can be set on an item or in one of the groups, depending on what should be missed from publishing to your marketing channels.


Quality test on documents

The check of item data completeness is a very popular feature of Pimics. We have now applied the same idea to document management too. It means you can now create a checklist with rules defining what should be verified before the document is published.


Custom attributes on documents

The requirements on information to be kept on documents / pictures / media files vary from company to company. The files and their attributes are usually managed in a Digital Asset Management (DAM) solution, e.g. Microsoft SharePoint or any other third party solution that allows defining custom attributes and keywords. Such attributes, however should also be visible in Microsoft Dynamics NAV. Pimics is therefore coming with user defined attributes to address this need -  it is now possible to define features (attributes) and keywords (tags) also on documents.


Excel integration

We used a 3rd party solution for working with Microsoft Excel in previous versions and to be honest it was nothing amazing. That’s why we decided to use standard Microsoft’s components and extended these. It brings benefits on stability because these components are managed and available for each version of Microsoft Dynamics NAV. Pimics 6.2 is thus coming with a new excel integration experience.

Written 12/9/2016 3:41:44 PM