DAM makes PIM better

Pimics gives you all the tools you need for managing your product data inside your Microsoft Dynamics ERP, be it NAV or Business Central. This includes digital asset management (DAM) as a crucial component for enriching your product data. Yes, digital assets like product pictures, videos, or data sheets can now be managed directly from inside your ERP thanks to Pimics.
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DAM makes PIM better
posted 02.11.2021
Sergiu Iscu
Sergiu Iscu
Article Author
Pimics gives you all the tools you need for managing your product data inside your Microsoft Dynamics ERP, be it NAV or Business Central. This includes digital asset management (DAM) as a crucial component for enriching your product data. Yes, digital assets like product pictures, videos, or data sheets can now be managed directly from inside your ERP thanks to Pimics. 

But we don’t rely only on our in-house DAM functionality, as most PIM solutions do. Instead, we chose to add the industry-standard SharePoint document management solution from Microsoft to enable our customers to do more with the file-level information they need to attach to their SKUs. It is both a feature-rich and scalable solution that will lay a robust foundation for you to improve the way your customers perceive the products you sell. Being able to manage all your product-related file assets from inside your PIM (and from inside your ERP) will dramatically improve your productivity and will also improve the cohesiveness of your product data.

Scalable DAM that takes advantage of SharePoint’s features

Pimics takes advantage of many of SharePoint’s features and will always benefit from new features that will be introduced by Microsoft. Pimics will directly modify your product-related files that are stored in SharePoint, and any modification made on the SharePoint site will be instantly visible in your PIM data.

Convert files

Direct file type conversion within SharePoint is a feature you may want to use, for easy manipulation of your product data. That way you can quickly create a PDF datasheet from a Word file that has been edited by several colleagues and approved by your vendor. Or, you can generate a lower-resolution picture from your reference product picture, for use in your webshop.


SharePoint provides a rich collaboration environment where people inside and outside your organization can work together, co-authoring documents. Collaboration and easy document manipulation/conversion are powerful SharePoint features from which Pimics benefits directly as a linked platform.
Add metadata
Pimics allows you to associate metadata (keywords, descriptions, etc.) with any PIM object, including digital assets. It extends the usual metadata that people associate with files, with sophisticated functionality that can condition the catalog behavior depending on the specific metadata features.

Enjoy easy, secure data access

As with any kind of data within your organization, product data access is an important topic no matter if we talk about your own employees or outside business partners. Sharepoint has all bases covered and can provide secure access from anywhere (based on your organization's policies) to all your product-related files so that your employees will have the freedom to work on product data from anywhere. You can also set access to certain folders for external business partners so that for example one of your vendors will copy the latest product data file update to the relevant folder and an overnight batch job will automatically import it to the Vendor Catalog section of Pimics for review and product data refresh. Office and Active Directory integration mean that no matter how you access your product data, Sharepoint provides high-security standards, peace of mind, and easy, centralized user access control.

Stay in compliance with data regulations

Depending on your field of activity, your organization may need to comply with various standards for data protection, data retention, or data access. That is why using Sharepoint together with your PIM takes away the headache of making a costly IT effort directed at compliance with standards such as ISO 27001, EU Model Clauses, US-EU Safe Harbor Framework, SSAE 16, FERPA, FISMA or HIPAA, for your storage infrastructure.
Sergiu Iscu
Sergiu Iscu
Article Author
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