New integration: Pimics-commercebuild

We are proud to present our new partnership with commercebuild. What could the new Pimics-commercebuild integration mean for your company? Let's find out.
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New integration: Pimics-commercebuild
posted 11.09.2023
Sergiu Iscu
Sergiu Iscu
Article Author

commercebuild is a scalable, reliable and robust eCommerce software designed to integrate seamlessly with your Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central ERP. If you need a cloud-based plug-and-play webstore that connects both B2B and B2C operations in one centralized platform, and Business Central is your ERP, then look no further than commercebuild. It will deliver an Amazon-like buying experience for your customers using data in your ERP system, a user-friendly interface and all of the functionality required to build and manage an online webstore.

And if your product range is big enough, with product information more complex than Business Central can handle out-of-the-box, then you will need PIM functionality to help you seamlessly deliver all your product data to your webshop. As a functional extension of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, Pimics is the ideal solution for companies using this ERP together with commercebuild for their eCommerce. Pimics provides PIM-in-ERP functionality and lets product managers handle all the product data that customers could possibly need from a webshop.

Here are a few advantages that the Business Central – Pimics – commercebuild combined solution provides:


With Pimics you will have all your product data in one place, and that place is conveniently also your Business Central ERP. That is unique among PIM systems, in that you will never be required to maintain separate PIM and ERP systems.

The integration between Pimics and commercebuild will extend the Business Central integration that commercebuild provides out-of-the-box, allowing you to add enriched product data to your online store without having to worry about a separate PIM integration.

Instant access

The Pimics-commercebuild integration ensures immediate access to all your product information. Product data requests will be processed as fast as any other data interactions between commercebuild and Business Central.

Information accuracy and consistency

Your online store will always reflect product information as you set it in the Single Point of Truth that is your Pimics/Business Central. Your customers will be able to access the latest updates to your products as soon as you release them for publication.

Sergiu Iscu
Sergiu Iscu
Article Author
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