Pimics 3.0 and Vendor Catalog

Let´s have a look at what´s new in Pimics 3.0. As trends in marketing and sales channels change dynamically, this version brings several improvements, especially related to publications.
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I am proud to announce that Pimics 3.0 has been released on AppSource and is available for Business Central running in the cloud as SaaS (where it will be updated automatically) as well as for on-premise installations from Business Central 14 to current version16. This version again brings a few changes, new features, and bug fixes. Some of them are mentioned below.

Together with this version, the Vendor Catalogue module was published, which is also available on AppSource as another extension. This module focuses on the purchase part of data processing and effectively takes over data. At this moment is import from Excel available. We are currently also working on imports from formats such as BMECat and DataNorm and we already have pre-lease versions, so you can contact us if you are interested.

Benefits of using the Vendor Catalog

It allows to import product data or price lists from suppliers in Dynamics 365 Business Central and rich product data into Pimics extension. Our customers use the extension to accelerate data import and shortly needed time from days to hours.

  • Easily imports Excel files in a different format. You can adapt to your supplier format.
  • The whole process of import is under control you can decide what and when you want to take over.
  • Automatically checks the data quality before you take the data over. It improves the quality of your data.
  • Independent data management. You can have all data from your suppliers in another pile. Easily find and use supplier data.
  • Other types like BMECat or DataNorm is another extension.

Changes in Pimics functionality

The complete list of changes can be found in the documentation, where the individual procedures are also listed.

New implementation of publications

New implementation of publications represents a new feature in this version. Pimics 3.0 comes with redesign of publications in response to the various needs of sales or marketing channels. It is practically an implementation of these channels during the deployment of Pimics. This allows you to present your product data on different channels faster and more efficiently.

Templates in publications

Templates in publications is one of new functions. Usually, publications are created periodically for each data export from Pimics. However, preparing similar settings repeatedly is quite time consuming. The templates make it now much easier. They can be defined with all the necessary settings and simply a template should be selected when creating a new publication (as the publication contains predefined values based on a template).

Document worksheet

Another new function is the upload of the document worksheet. As it is sometimes necessary to upload multiple files into Pimics and distribute them to different groups or items, a new page has been created where this task can be performed. It allows you to assign different document types easily and quickly to items or groups.

Changes in user interface

Pimics 3.0 also comes up with several changes to user interface. Our priority is to reduce the required number of steps and clicks in Pimics. Therefore, it is possible to edit a list without having to open an individual card. This is useful, for example, when you need to change a description or other fields in bulk on multiple entities at once. And it is also possible to use Edit in Excel function in Business Central 16.0 or later. Pimics 3.0 also has several hidden fields and sections, such as Features, Translations and Description fields. You must personalize the page to see them.


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