Pimics Nav 8.0 now Certified for Microsoft Dynamics

Now, after one year on the market, it was high time to release the new version again. In the end, we decided to re-certify this version for Dynamics Nav 2018, so even though the version is already being used by some customers, we are officially releasing it today, after we have received a message about successful fulfilment of all CfMD requirements.


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Martin Opršal
Martin Opršal
Article Author
He is the product manager for Pimics. His responsibility is improvement and usage of the Product Information Management solution.

Pimics Nav 8.0


The first change we made in Pimics is in the publishing module, we embarked on a re-design of the solution. As new data exchange requirements increase, it was necessary to make changes to the module that collects and synchronizes data to other systems or channels. Unfortunately, most of the work is not seen by the user, but it has given us the basis for integration either from us or partners.
Previous changes are mainly in functions and remain concealed from the user’s eye. What the customer will see is a new possibility of data versioning in the publication. It is therefore possible to trace the change history and what and how it is or has been synchronized.

Digital Asset Management

Companies tend to accumulate huge amounts of pictures, documents and other digital content in the digital era. This content needs to be somehow sorted, specified, either for internal or customer needs. Therefore, in the new version, we have transferred some of the product data functions (such as features, keywords/tags, texts) to this part of the application where we focus on DAM in Dynamics Nav. This is necessary data and I believe this will help customers to organize their documents.
However, our recommendation for clients of advanced DAM is to use Microsoft SharePoint with the Pimics extension.

Checklist and tasks

More and more frequently we encounter a situation when clients solve the problem of how to ensure the quality of product data. In the new version, we also responded to this topic. Since version 5 we have in our solution Pimics checklists, where it is possible to define what data is necessary or appropriate. The system then automatically generates a list of shortcomings. Unfortunately, very often we encountered the complexity of settings, when users were not able to simply define control rules themselves. So, the interface and functions have been changed to make setup easier and more robust.
The second level is the definition of responsibility and thus the generation of tasks for the team or individuals responsible for the area.

And something beyond 

In addition to working on Dynamics Nav, we have also tackled areas that we feel are driving
today´s world.

Amazon and eBay

We often hear from our customers the need to integrate with platforms such as Amazon or eBay. In version 8.0, an external service has been created that transforms product data into Amazon and eBay. Thus, it automates the transfer of product data to Amazon or eBay. After ordering the product on Amazon, orders are then transferred back to Nav.

Artificial intelligence 

Artificial intelligence is a very common term nowadays, we certainly do not want to stay aside and for us it is a topic that needs to be addressed. In cooperation with the Brno University of Technology, Chatbot was established, which can communicate with customers and recommend a specific product. Meanwhile, it is in the prototype state and will soon be tested by a customer.

Certified for Microsoft Dynamics

This version has past the Microsoft certification process and has successfully met all requirements for getting CfMD certification. We have added so the missing versions of Nav 2017 and 2018, now the product is certified for Nav versions 2015 to Nav 2018. Due to Microsoft´s decision to change the product name to Business Central and change technology, we can say that this is the last certification of this type.
Thanks to change of technology to Business Central, it is good to highlight our support for Dynamics Nav. Thus, we will continue to develop new versions and incorporate requests from customers, at least as long as it is supported by Microsoft under "Mainstream Support".


Further development 

Since the certification of such a product takes some time, in the meantime we have released service version 8.1, which unifies some of the functions that we have differently solved at the customers. We are currently working on version 8.2, which is expected to be released in October/November 2019. And of course, version 9 during 2020.

Martin Opršal
Martin Opršal
Article Author
He is the product manager for Pimics. His responsibility is improvement and usage of the Product Information Management solution.
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