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Reduce the time required to create suppliers products from weeks to hours
Lower error rate
Easier exchange of product data between vendors reduces their error rate
Ready to go
Ready to go extension. No custom code

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Product data should originate with the manufacturer who wants to sell their products. Incomplete data may cause the product to reach the target customer late, or not at all. That's why it's so important to have data exchange in the supply chain that can shorten the product path from manufacturer to end customer, and ensure data accuracy. This is done by using data exchange standards such as BMECat or DataNorm, which can save a lot of time especially used together with  industry-standard classifications. On the other hand, distributors should only take over product data, so they save costs and time to acquire this data.
Be the first to sell

DataNorm imports under control

One of the main advantages of using our DataNorm extension is that you will be able to keep your imports under control. No mess anymore. You will have a full history of imports and you can see the state of product data imports.

It may happen that you get lots of product data from your suppliers but you are interested just in a few of them and the rest should be in the system just in case. Our extension helps you with that. You can easily visualise how the data looks like, and select what you want to overtake. Existing data will be identified and updated.

DataNorm import

Easy to start with

Our DataNorm extension is ready to use. The complete Pimics is not required for import&export of DataNorm so you can use it in your Business Central. Save time by overtaking data from suppliers!

You can find it in AppSource to install it into your Business Central 365 - SaaS enviroment. If you use an on-premise installation of Business Central, let us know in our contact form and we will give you all required installation instructions. After installing our extension you will have all the necessary setup out-of-the-box and you can start with your first import or export.

Do you need help? Don't worry we also offer a training or workshops to get familiar with the possibilities in the extension.

Modules & Pricing

DataNorm Import
The product contains modules:
  • DataNorm Import
  • Vendor Catalog
Users in packages: 2
(Users who will work with the module)
99 EUR pro Monat
DataNorm Import&Export

The product contains modules:

  • DataNorm Import
  • DataNorm Export
  • Vendor Catalog

Users in packages: 2
(Users who will work with the module)

145 EUR pro Monat
Full PIM functionality
Are you interested in a complete solution for managing product data? Then we can offer a complete PIM solution that covers all processes from importing data, through master data management to export or sharing product data with sales&marketing channels.
This offer is valid until 30.9.2022. Presented prices are without VAT.
The contract period is 2 years. During this period we can't change prices and customer can cancel it only with 100% compensation.

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