Version 7.0

Let me introduce you the new version of Pimics! The seventh version brings several improvements which are in the spirit of being much more user friendly and are easier in data management.
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posted 31.10.2017
Martin Opršal
Martin Opršal
Article Author
He is the product manager for Pimics. His responsibility is improvement and usage of the Product Information Management solution.

Fact boxes

The biggest visual change in the new version are three Fact boxes that are displayed on Item card, Item list, Item groups, Product groups, Chapters and Catalog groups.

The first fact box contains an item picture. It is clickable and can be modified or completed by additional files. Moreover, it is possible to use a web client allowing you to upload the files directly from your folders by a drag & drop function.

In the second fact box, you can find the information about the item. It means you can see all the item information, but you don’t need to open any new pages.

The keywords occur in the third fact box. You can write them directly into the box either by selecting one of the options that the system offers you in a list or press the enter button and thus add a new keyword into the fact box. It is automatically recorded also in the list for the later use. After that, keywords are split by colours regarding the classification which they belong to.

Tree data structure

Another big innovation is the addition of the data tree structure – data are much more transparent and visually sophisticated.

The tree structure allows to move or copy every single branch using a drag & drop function. The Publication also possess this new functionality and thanks to that you can work with Publications much more easily.

Usage Type

A new field has been added to every item, picture, document, feature and keyword. It is possible to write which selected criteria should be displayed in which channel already in the beginning of the master data creation in this field. For example, it could happen that the keywords should be displayed only on the website but not in the printed catalog. This new add-in helps a lot during the creation of Publications.

Bulk changes

It is very common that the items have similar attributes, for example colour. Therefore, it is possible to filter these items and set them with the same attribute, the colour for example, as we’ve already mentioned. By this way, the user will be able to change the properties in a bulk. This applies also for keywords or classification classes.

Other modifications that lighten working with Pimics

We have added the possibility to see a history of the Publication to find out who made a change, when it happened and what change it was. Our goal was to reduce interaction between PIM system and other integrated solution (e-commerce).

We abandoned the former Pimics limitation of using just 10 languages. There is no such limitation now, you can use as many languages as you want.

Last but not least, we have added a new section dedicated for videos. It was only logical result since we want to follow the newest marketing trends. Nowadays, a great emphasis is placed on the video advertisement. Video management in Pimics works on the same principle as the picture management.

Martin Opršal
Martin Opršal
Article Author
He is the product manager for Pimics. His responsibility is improvement and usage of the Product Information Management solution.
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