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6 questions to ask during a PIM demo
After dealing with the usual pains that growing companies face, you finally decided that it is time for you to take things to the next level and start using a PIM. You made a research on available PIM solutions and now have a shortlist. The next step? Booking a demo for each of them, to see with your own eyes what they look like, how they work and, most importantly, how they can best serve your company's purposes. What would be the most important topics to discuss with a PIM specialist, to make sure you have all your bases covered? Let's find out.
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The BMECat advantage of Pimics
One of the most effective ways that you can populate your sales catalogue with product data using a PIM, is to employ standardized catalogue formats such as BMEcat or DataNorm, and standardized classification systems such as ETIM. Pimics supports all the mentioned formats plus others, allowing you great flexibility in effectively using data sources to your advantage while minimising manual intervention in the process of enriching the product data for the items that you sell.
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4 Pains that lead to PIM adoption
Reality shows us that few companies include PIM in their systems architecture right from the start. Many of them realize the potential of PIM as they go along and, usually because they grow out of their initial 'shoes' they increasingly perceive shortcomings that only PIM can solve. This article highlights the most important shortcomings that companies usually face, and how they can be effectively addressed by a adopting a PIM solution such as Pimics.
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What is PIM and how it enables your business
A PIM solution can integrate data from the ERP, CRM and any other product- or customer-related platform used by the business. For companies using Dynamics 365 Business Central, Pimics is special among PIM systems because it works directly on the ERP data so that it offers additional synergies, plus no data exchange between Pimics and ERP will ever be necessary. See our article for a set of compelling reasons why you should consider using Pimics.
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Pimics ROI calculation
Sometimes people do not even know if they have a PIM system in their organisation or not. Many of them assume that existing tools that they use daily for running the business, like ERP, CRM or Excel, can also handle all their product data, but the reality is that if you are serious about having an online or printed catalogue with comprehensive data about your products, you have no alternative to using a good PIM system. After all, managing your product information is the spine of your business. In this article we take a closer look at concrete benefits of using PIM, and we build a business case for Pimics.
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