Publish your products via e-shops or e-mails (newsletters) and get what you want.


Marketing role in e-Commerce

Today's world is about personification, saying the right things to the right people. E-Commerce should help you with getting information about your customers much easier than others. Use your marketing statistics to prepare campaigns for your customers (B2C) or partners (B2B), publish these products in your e-shop or send it via e-mails. After you will get orders or views update your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) information and improve your sales. You can get this all with our solution.



Our goal is to prepare all data in Product Information Management (PIM) and publish it on the web. We are focusing on quality of published data and on getting information back into Dynamics NAV like orders, browse statistics and other.

In our project we are using web platforms like Kentico, Shopware, Virto Commerce or others. As it is written above all product data, pictures, prices or stock quantity are coming from Dynamics NAV. It can be also easily used for managing the orders and users.



Kentico is a web platform which combines CMS, e-Commerce and online marketing into one solution. At least, e-Commerce and online marketing are important for us and you. You can read more about it on the website Kentico - overview.

We use Kentico as our standard e-Commerce platform. From our point of view, Kentico is the best solution because it offers very good integration processes. It is easy to deploy a custom layout in it and with the online marketing (EMS) module, it's powerful e-marketing tool.


Other systems

We understand that your new PIM should fit into your existing architecture, so it has to be able to communicate with your current e-Commerce solution. In this case, we offer Web services, REST services or database access to your e-Commerce. We have prepared services to display not only stock quantity but also prices for your partners and much more. Moreover, we have services for reading the data from e-Shop for instance the orders, the customers etc.