Skis, Kitchenware, Cat Food, Reinforced Steel: The Diversity of PIMICS Clients

A smart PIM tool makes product information management more effective and less time consuming — for companies of various sizes as well as different lines of business. Get inspired by the broad portfolio of PIMICS clients! Here’s how this smart system for product data management & automation helps.
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Skis, Kitchenware, Cat Food, Reinforced Steel: The Diversity of PIMICS Clients
posted 26.02.2024
Anna Skřípková
Anna Skřípková
Article Author
Anna is responsible for marketing

Who is PIMICS for?

The key parameter to concentrate on when choosing a Product Information Management (PIM) tool is the company’s portfolio size. The type of product a business manufactures/sells doesn’t really matter.
At PIMICS, we like to say that a company can do without a product data management tool if their product portfolio contains under 100 items. Anything above that requires a more sophisticated solution — automated product data management will boost your business massively. Make it scalable and growing even faster.
Let’s have a closer look at some of our clients and their use of PIMICS.

Stadtwerke Waiblingen GmbH

An energy provider from Germany, Stadtwerke Waiblingen resides in the city of Waiblingen but operates in the entire region. The company sells electricity, gas, and water and also takes care of the network — they distribute water and gas, install electricity piping as well as fibre-optic cabling.
For Stadtwerke Waiblingen, we implemented Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central system, boosted up with our PIMICS solution. PIMICS mostly helps them import prices from Excel and DataNorm files. Thanks to that, customers of Stadtwerke Waiblingen always see up-to-date prices of products.


Based in Switzerland but operating at a global scale, that’s PACOVIS. Their business revolves around food and gastronomy — they supply professional kitchenware and various kitchen supplies. Professional cooking appliances, food packaging, cleaning products — PACOVIS’s product portfolio contains about over 60,000 products. Thanks to PIMICS, they always keep their data up-to-date and well organised.
PACOVIS has been our client for a long time — as far as products go, they’re even familiar with the predecessor of PIMICS (for Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 ERP system). In 2020, PACOVIS upgraded to current PIMICS for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and have been using it as an integration tool between NAV 2009 and their new e-commerce site for Germany.

Groupe R Management SA

Another Swiss company in our client portfolio, Groupe R Management manufactures and sells materials for the building industry. Specialising in reinforcing steel, they also sell construction machinery and hardware.
Naturally, product data is of paramount importance in the building industry, and business partners of Groupe R Management need to know all the parameters in detail when placing their orders.
Keeping tremendous amounts of data precise and always up-to-date would be a daunting task should it be done manually. An automated solution for product data management is a must for a company of this size. That’s why Groupe R Management have been using PIMICS since 2020. Thanks to that, they’re able to scale their business and tend to more business partners. Also, expanding their business to other markets has become much easier since implementing PIMICS.

Potten & Pannen Staněk Group s.r.o.

Another culinary business, this time based in the Czech Republic. Potten & Pannen has multiple brick-and-mortar shops in the Czech Republic and sells premium kitchen equipment online. They serve B2B but also B2C customers.
Thanks to PIMICS, Potten & Pannen were able to automate their product data management, an important feature for their online vending points.

ALLCO Heimtierbedarf GmbH & Co. KG

Another client who sells food products — this time for pets. ALLCO manufactures primarily cat and dog food and manages a number of brands with one common goal — the best pet nutrition.
ALLCO has been using PIMICS to manage their product data since 2021.

bito AG

Supplies for painters and floor layers, that’s bito AG, a Hamburg-based company. As most of our clients, bito has a broad portfolio of products which often vary only in the slightest detail. Keeping product data up-to-date and precise is no-brainer for their business.
We implemented PIMICS for bito in 2021. As of now, they’re developing a new webshop and are preparing their product and category data for publication.

FIVE Lager- und Archiveinrichtungen

Solutions for storage and archiving — that’s the line of business of another German client, FIVE Lager- und Archiveinrichtungen. Measures of shelves, containers, boxes, and more storage-related products are kept in PIMICS since 2021.

Axima s.r.o.

A Czech client of ours, Axima, specialises in industrial automation and sells electrotechnical products — automation components, battery charges, power supplies, and also electromagnets. They have been using PIMICS since 2021. The product information management system serves also as a tool for effective quality management. Axima’s electrotechnical products have to comply with obligatory industry standards (ETIM, BMECat) and PIMICS is capable of taking care of such compliance.


SUMMIT TRADE was a nice diversion from all the technical products for us! They sell outdoor equipment for the mountains. Anything with regard to skiing (of all kinds), hiking, rock climbing — they provide equipment basically for any activity one can do in the mountains.
SUMMIT TRADE has become our client in 2022 and recently, they have launched a new e-commerce website. Powered by PIMICS, of course.

Willi Schüler GmbH

Willi Schüler is an oil specialist. Their brand oelluxx offers any type of liquid you would put into a vehicle or a machine — they sell oils and industrial lubricants of all kinds and again, their portfolio contains hundreds of products. Willi Schüler turned to us in need of a new PIM solution, which had been caused by upgrading their ERP system from Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 to Business Central. At the moment (the beginning of 2024) we are conducting the primary evaluation for Willi Schüler.

Implementing a PIM Solution: Primary Evaluation

The process of implementing a robust product data management tool, such as PIMICS, is not a matter of a few weeks but more of a few months. We need to go through the client’s processes, evaluate data, and often sort them out to make the data ready to be handled by our tools.
This evaluation phase is beneficial not just for us but also for the client. It’s often difficult to stop and assess the processes in a running company. Even if you do, you may not know what to do with it. Getting a product data management tool like PIMICS makes you do just that and you get the help of experts in the field on top.


A Luxembourg-based food and beverage company is another client in the evaluation phase. A seller of premium spirits, alcoholic beverages, and soft drinks has turned to us in 2023. We’re sure we can make TRADOR’s product data management more efficient!


Belgium-based PARDAEN sells hardware and DIY supplies to hobbymarkets and other shops. As is the case for many technical products, the business puts great emphasis on precise product data and handles items by thousands. In 2023, they have decided to automate their product data management so the company can continue to grow and offer a large variety of technical products to their customers.

As you can see, PIMICS’s clients are a diverse bunch. Basically the only thing they have in common is their ERP system — Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. In a way, PIMICS works as an extension of their ERP in this respect. Users of Business Central find navigating through PIMICS very easy as the user interface and the entire system’s functioning is very familiar to them.
Anna Skřípková
Anna Skřípková
Article Author
Anna is responsible for marketing
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