Data Exchange

Easier and more automated exchange of product data between vendors reduces the error rate of the data.
Making Apps Available to Most Businesses: Low-Code App Development
Apps are on the rise. Mobile ones especially. A business that offers a helpful app to its clients gets a significant advantage on the market. Until recently, only big brands with massive budgets have had access to app development. That is changing — app development is becoming more & more available. Even smaller businesses can afford a development of their own app without having to pay a fortune. Low-code development platforms are the solution.
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The BMECat advantage of Pimics
One of the most effective ways that you can populate your sales catalogue with product data using a PIM, is to employ standardized catalogue formats such as BMEcat or DataNorm, and standardized classification systems such as ETIM. Pimics supports all the mentioned formats plus others, allowing you great flexibility in effectively using data sources to your advantage while minimising manual intervention in the process of enriching the product data for the items that you sell.
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4 Pains that lead to PIM adoption
Reality shows us that few companies include PIM in their systems architecture right from the start. Many of them realize the potential of PIM as they go along and, usually because they grow out of their initial 'shoes' they increasingly perceive shortcomings that only PIM can solve. This article highlights the most important shortcomings that companies usually face, and how they can be effectively addressed by a adopting a PIM solution such as Pimics.
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