Organize your media content in Product Information Management (PIM).


Working with DAM

All your digital media content is inside of . You can assign the pictures, documents, videos, ect. to your products or products' groups. Just as in other modules, you will be able to select a subset of pictures which should be published. You can also get a powerfull tool with the SharePoint integration.


Manage the lifecycle of your digital content


Life cycle


‚ÄčTake control of every state of the creating process of your digital asset. To meet this criteria every state should have several actions which help bring you to the well-defined media content. 


Share and work on the same files

One of the key benefits of DAM is storing all your files in one place. You can manage access to the files, hence everybody gets what he wants and when he needs. You will be able to verify if somebody is working with any of your digital assets. Of course, every digital content has its own version. You can check it as well as find out who is working with the content. The file version is only one and sufficient, therefore you will not be confused which file is newer. You will always know the right version.


Cloud sharing


Microsoft SharePoint®

Microsoft SharePoint is a web application platform which helps you with organizing and managing your documents or common tasks. We use the platform for building the web application which helps you to work with your digital asset.






Integration with Dynamics NAV

DAM on Microsoft Sharepoint is fully integrated in our PIM so you will be able to add pictures, documents or videos to the products. You will be able to see the metadata, workflow state and other information of these media in Dynamics NAV. 


User defined workflow for managing the digital content

Every document belongs to a workflow process. You can manage the responsibility and actions how you want to work with your digital asset from a draft to a published version. We use user-friendly workflow editor which helps you define the workflow.