Get the e-commerce content under control and streamline the product data management. PIMICS will reinstate order once and for all. 
Přechod z excelu na PIM
Moving to PIM will streamline the preparation of data for E-Shop.
Enables marketers to adopt an omnichannel strategy 
Manages all product data in one database = Single Point of Truth

Improve Your E-Shop Sales with PIMICS

Companies start considering PIM implementation only after they tried data management in ERP, E-Shop and Excel. After integrating the internet shop with your company system, you will find that some necessary product data is missing in the ERP. You will search for formatted descriptions, pictures from various points of view or documents for download fruitlessly. Even moving the data to Excel will not make order in it for long. At the moment PIM solution comes in, you will finally get pictures, texts, properties and documents under control. In addition, you will be able to use it for other sales channels any time.
Improve Your E-Shop Sales with PIMICS

How PIMICS Can Help You Manage Your E-Shop

Automatically handling data

The e-shop is a sales platform and the ERP is a corporate system. Neither is a suitable tool for managing thousands of products with data translated into several foreign languages. This is done by a PIM system such as PIMICS, which acts as a link between the e-shop and ERP. PIMICS simplifies data management through automation so that you don't have to specify product after product and keep repeating routine operations.

Always up-to-date, always in control

PIMICS takes care of the preparation of data, which is automatically updated directly in your eShop with each change. It also enables control of the data at the source information level, the process of data integration and continuous control of their timeliness. It no longer happens that you publish a product on the e-shop without all required parameters or with a missing image. You take care of the source data, everything else is arranged by PIMICS.

More eShops under one administration 

It is not unusual for a company to use several eShops in addition to external e-commerce platforms as Amazon or eBay. Moreover, each eShop can have language mutations and different product ranges. This is a typical situation where a company cannot do without a really good and well-organized product data management, all in one place. 


Data for your website or a customer portal 

In addition to eShops, the product data can be used in other online platforms such as presentation or product websites or B2B or B2C portals. A portal and its information can well support sales to end customers through partners. It is a common practice to publish complete product documentation, marketing materials or guides there. PIMICS enables the integration with portals as well as the preparation of product documentation. 

Sana Commerce Cloud

Sana Commerce is an e-commerce platform for SAP and Microsoft Dynamics. Sana Commerce helps distributors, manufacturers and wholesalers succeed by fostering lasting relationships with customers who depend on them. Sana Commerce make ERP and e-commerce work as one. 

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