Import and export

Speed up product data creation using BMECat and Datanorm formats that PIMICS can work with.
Distributor or manufacturer
It does not matter whether you are a distributor or manufacturer. Whoever gets the product on the market first has an advantage.
Lower error rate
Easier exchange of product data between vendors reduces their error rate.
Single integration
Easier integration of data with sales channels.

Be the first to sell

Product data should originate with the manufacturer who wants to sell their products. Incomplete data may cause the product to reach the target customer late, or not at all. That's why it's so important to have data exchange in the supply chain that can shorten the product path from manufacturer to end customer, and ensure data accuracy. This is done by using data exchange standards such as BMECat or DataNorm, which can save a lot of time especially used together with  industry-standard classifications. On the other hand, distributors should only take over product data, so they save costs and time to acquire this data.
Be the first to sell

Part of the module is

Out-of-box data exchange in BMECat and Datanorm formats

BMECat is a wider and more comprehensive format for exchanging electronic catalogs between companies. Even though the files should be the same, it's not always so. Therefore, PIMICS supports user-definable mapping between input data and the ERP system. Datanorm originated as a standardized dataset for the construction industry to facilitate data exchange between manufacturers, wholesalers and builders. Since its inception in 1986, its use has spread to a whole host of other industrial and commercial areas.


Digital transformation and supply chain

With product data, you need to work outside of e-shop in logistics, purchasing, or internal processes. Instead of manual data processing, you can automate the entire process and start a digital transformation where machine data processing is more effective in communicating with business partners. Keep the data up-to-date and respond to any changes that occur. Whether it's a change in the warehouse, the way of packaging or the size of the product, in your data this adjustment will be the first.

Supply catalog and data control

When working with data, there are a number of situations that you can solve in PIMICS with tools such as a vendor catalog or data control. For example, if you get the same product from two vendors, you need to merge the data. You can also help when data is of a different quality or uses different classifications. Better data can not be overwritten by the worse.
You will use the catalog to create your own data by loading all your data into it, and then determining which ones to take.


Personalized product data

If you use a different bid for different customer groups and business partners, our solution allows you to export only the items you want to present, including customer pricing. Your data preparation is completely under control and you know what you are sending to the customer.

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