Use International Standardized Product Classification to make product data easier to exchange with partners. PIMICS can handle it easily.
Import a export
Unified data format makes work more efficient and saves time to prepare.
Vlastnosti a hodnoty
The properties and values defined for each product type make easier management of product data.
Nezávislost na komunikačním jazyce
Independence of customers and supplyers communication language, who always make the deal because of it.

Communicate with partners without misunderstanding

Classification is a logical and unambiguous arrangement of products into product categories. These are built up so that both suppliers and clients can communicate with each other. Individual models consist of tree structures composed of groups, classes, properties, values and keywords. So far, their similarity ends. Some models fit for one type of business, others have relatively advanced categorization options, and others have shallow tree structures that are usually best suited for purchase but are no longer suitable for engineering departments.
Communicate with partners without misunderstanding

PIMICS expands classification capabilities

Classification Modules 

In PIMICS, you can work with eClass, ETIM, profiClass, including all languages in which classification is available. ETIM focuses on electrotechnical goods and contains approximately 5,000 classes. Lists the most important technical characteristics of each product class for their description and subsequent discovery. Each class has several synonyms, so finding the right product is easy for everyone. The industry standard eClass is the only one in line with ISO / IEC, it contains 41,000 classes and covers 44 disciplines. It allows to standardize the purchase, storage, production and distribution within and between companies. All this in different industries, countries and languages. For this reason, eClass uses a number of global players.

Communicating with partners

Through a standardized data format in PIMICS, you can negotiate with every business 
partner, even if it is on the other side of the world. All without mistakes and great effort.
Classification enables machine processing and automatic data management. By linking PIMICS with Classification, you can handle the digital transformation of your business
besides importing and exporting data.



Simplification of work

Businesses typically create a standard for themselves, but the preparation of such a classification is worth hundreds of hours of work. The biggest problem with such a solution is that no other business partner knows it, and the company can not use it to communicate with others. They serve only for internal purposes.

Internal classification

If you do not have one of the types of classification, you can create your own in PIMICS. Create classes, attributes, values, and keywords as needed. You can easily combine this approach using some of the standardized classifications.

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