Work with any format

In the supply chain, different procedures and corresponding applications exist for data exchange. Companies and users without such technical background, however, like to use formats such as Excel or CSV for data export and import. We have therefore designed PIMICS to handle such situations as well.
Work with any format

Components of the module

Import from files

Working with Excel has one pitfall: the ability to use any data structure without defining a single data connection. Therefore, we have a tool that determines how and for what purpose each data column should be processed. 

Export to files

Similar like by the import, it is also possible to define any data structure and to specify where the target file should be sent to. This allows you to focus on making the file in the end easily readable for the user or rather prepared for further processing.

Microsoft Office Word

In addition to exporting and importing from structured files, the PIMICS solution also makes it possible to use the Microsoft Word format for exporting data. Here you can define output format, which should take the form of a document. The file is then converted into a Word document and then you can edit it manually, use it as an offer or as a product data sheet.

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