Printed catalogs

Print is far from dead. Give the graphic designers the freedom to do creative work. Meantime, enrich, review and update your product data in PIMICS and then send it to your catalogue at the touch of a button.
Cost reduction
Efficient and timely data preparation reduces the cost of preparing the catalog.
Increase work efficiency
Working with a single version of data increases efficiency for all people involved.
Independence of data
The independence of catalog data allows them to be updated at any stage of preparation.

The efficient way to prepare
product data for your catalogs

With PIMICS you can easily prepare printed catalogs of all types. You will no longer have to search for  product data in Excel and gather overlapping information from multiple sources while wondering if you have the latest version. Due to always having up-to-date product data in one place, the cost of work spent on preparing the catalog will be much diminished. Time-to-market will be dramatically improved too.
The efficient way to prepare catalog data

Optimize your catalog preparation with PIMICS

Time savings

The preparation of product data in the catalog is normally provided by people other than those who make it a visual. Thanks to PIMICS, graphic artists don't have to wait for the final data, and they can immediately start working with those they have at their disposal. The data will be then automatically updated just before sending to print or publishing the catalogue.

Cost savings

If you do not always propose brand new and unique catalogs, you can re-use the templates you already have in PIMICS. This saves you the cost of preparing a complete, seasonal or industry catalog. Thus you will be able to keep the catalog  visuals and just update pricing and other product data.


Flexibility in defining the content

Because you have current product data and already prepared templates, you just need to define what you want to print. You can create seasonal or industry catalogs that contain only selected items from the main catalog. PIMICS will help you prepare and send your catalogs to print very quickly. 


Return on investment

It probably takes several months to prepare your current printed catalog. Using our solution, you will be able to handle it in a few weeks. And then update the same data to your e-shop or elsewhere. In our experience, already from the second large catalog, your return is able to pay for the PIMICS investment.

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