All data are gathered in one place, they are verified, up-to-date and everything is inside your ERP Dynamics NAV (Navision)


Product data in one place

With our Product Information Management (PIM), you have all the information about products in one place. Work with media (pictures, documents, videos), classification (features, keywords, class) and texts, which are defined in many languages. Easily group items into a hierarchy or define custom cross tables, which combine your product data.


PIM schematic


Keep your data up-to-date

The point how to keep data up-to-date is to found the simplest way to manage them. With our solution, you have tools which allow you to manage the data using inheritance/references and standards for product descriptions (ETIM, eCl@ss, ...). They are separated from the design. Data and their processing are inside of Dynamics NAV, that is a well-known environment for your users.



Data quality and veryfing

We are offering tools or automation to verify product data. Define your own rules and make your data error-free. Manage the responsibility for data quality and final catalogue more effectively.


Data quality verifying



Publish data

Publish your data via many channels (e-Commerce, print catalogues, electronics catalogues), but the important feature indeed is that you have to define your product information just once.  Then you are able to select just a subset of your data which you want to work with. You can publish your products, pictures and so on, much easier, faster and cheaper. You will become more flexible with our .



Publish data