Pimics - Vendor Catalog

Vendor Catalog is addtional module for PIM solution Pimics. It allows to import product data or price lists from suppliers to Dynamics 365 Business Central and rich product data to Pimics extension. Our customers use the extension to accelerate data import and shortly needed time from days to hours.

Pimics - Vendor Catalog is independet part from other Business Central functionlity. The whole process is under control and you're able to select what you want to import.

Microsoft's AppSource
Data Quality
Automaticaly check the data quality before you overtake the data. It improves quality of your data.
Easily import Excel files in different format. You can adapt for your supplier format.
Accelerate data import and shortly time from days to hours.

Enjoy an easy product
data management

Forget a manual data duplicating, keeping the data up-to-date using versioning and Excel. Once you create data in PIMICS, there is the only and up-to-date version of it for each product. The data from suppliers are reviewed and completed by PIMICS if necessary. This ensures everyone in the company works with up-to-date data regardless of the publishing channel they manage.
Enjoy an easy product data management

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