Integration with Sana Commerce

Manage all your product data for Sana Commerce
in your Dynamics 365 Business Central, with PIMICS
With Pimics, Business Central is your heart that takes care of both transactional and product data.
Out-of-the-box integration
Out-of-the-box integration. The Pimics add-on is ready for Sana Commerce Cloud
Instant access
Your product information takes the shortest possible path to the customer

Let PIMICS streamline sharing
your product catalog online with Sana Commerce

Instead of painstakingly managing your product data into a CMS without many PIM functionalities for the sole purpose of feeding one webshop, why not use a real PIM instead? PIMICS works seamlessly with Sana Commerce and with all your other sales channels at the same time, which means it makes perfect sense to centrally manage your product data here. Whether you are a distributor, a manufacturer or a retailer, PIMICS will help you handle your product information more efficiently no matter how many SKUs you sell, while at the same time updating your Sana Commerce webshop directly from your Business Central.

SC Info

Sana Commerce delivers real-time, full integration with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central by design. But this way only basic data about products can be overtaken from Business Central, because that is all a typical ERP can provide out-of-the-box.

Equipped with the Pimics extension however, Business Central can do a lot more by storing and providing rich product data. And now, companies using Sana Commerce to sell to their customers can take full advantage of the Business Central - Pimics combo using the new integration provided by Allium.

This new add-on expands the capabilities of the original integration between Sana and Business Central, allowing companies to have a complete setup for a compelling online presence: ERP+PIM on the back-end, Sana Commerce on the front-end.

Why use Sana Commerce?

  • Sana is well integrated with Business Central and offers real-time data exchange between ERP and your e-Commerce website.
  • It is one of the leading solutions for companies that use both e-Commerce and Microsoft Dynamics.

Why use Pimics?

  • Sana needs to be backed by a PIM to offer a better user experience with products.
  • If you use Business Central then Pimics is your best fit for the PIM job, because you will manage everything inside your ERP. You won't need to have any 3rd party solutions.
  • Pimics provides out-of-the-box integration with Sana so you won't need to do it as a customization.

Download Leaflet

We have prepared a leaflet about the integration between Pimics and Sana Commerce. Accessing it, you will be able to find out more details about how Pimics works together with Sana Commerce, and which data can be synchronized.

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