Manage your incoming e-Catalogs.


What is a Purchase Catalog?

In a Purchase Catalog, you can manage features, classifications, media or texts the same way as you do it in . Of course, it is also possible to manage the product groups.


How can a Purchase Catalog help you?

Are you a distribution company and your vendors have much more products than you want to offer? In this case a purchase catalog will help you. You can select those products which you want to migrate into your ERP and the rest will remain in the Purchase Catalog. If anybody asks you for a product that you do not ordinarily offer, you can find it there. In addition, you can proactively offer these products in the publication. You can migrate the product into your ERP and then with a first order start the financial and stock transaction upon it.



Purchase Catalog cooperates with the Integration server because the simplest way how to get the data is to import the data files from your Vendor. After you import the data you  might want to validate and check them before moving them into your PIM. In that case, the Purchase Catalog will help you manage your data easily.